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Martial Joshua: The Ultimate Warrior is a modern day action adventure story about a 4 year old boy that was abandoned and found by a Chinese Secret Agent who was in hiding here in the United States after he avenged his family's murder by eliminating the most diabolical murderous high official in China. Joshua was the recipient of an incredibly unique education bestowed upon him by Master Chan and the members of a underground brotherhood called the Guardians of the Promise over a 17 year period in a private compound that was dedicated to his development in all areas of Martial Arts, Espionage, Science, Medicine, Aeronautics, Cryptology, Gymnastics and a myriad of subjects which he perfected to a level never before seen in one human being.

Joshua's dedication to the Ancient Principles of Truth and Right Action was a result of studying the writings of the Wise Ones who left their deposits of Wisdom for those who would be initiated into the Sacred Defense Society. Once his education was complete and his skills sets were perfected, Joshua became the Chief Agent for a Non-Governmental Secret Agency called ICE who was called upon by various Countries throughout the world to solve critically dangerous threat scenarios that could jeopardize the global balance of peace and harmony.

In this book the reader will be taken on a journey that highlights the human potential and the road to a maximized life experience. Joshua is an example of a life well invested for the purpose of being superbly equipped to become the greatest agent for good the world has ever seen.

The Secret Kingdom (The Warrior Chronicles)
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The Secret Kingdom (The Warrior Chronicles)

Joshua: the Ultimate Warrior along with all the Guardians of the Promise join forces to thwart the 300 hundred year Plot to overtake the world and uncover the deep-rooted banking family behind centuries of deceipt, manipulation, wars and nefarious activities designed to usher in the reign of a one world Leader.